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Joy, Peace, Good Health, Year of Happiness!!

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The result of the contest organized by LebanonArt (December 27, 2003) is online; 389 competitors have answered the questions correctly.
The public Notary Mrs. Awatef Abi Akl drew the names of the two winners in the presence of the website committee
- Aida Kawash from Kuwait has won the watercolor of the artist painter Joseph Matar.
- Donald Thompson from United States has won a reproduction of a lithograph from the LebanonPostcard's collection.

2- is happy to announce that artist Joseph Matar has won the prestigious "Said Akl" Award for November 2003. For more information click here:

Artist Joseph Matar has also been mentioned in the famous "Dictionnaire Drouot Cotation 2004 - Larousse Diffusion"

3 new articles related to artist Joseph Matar and his works have been published:
Visit to read the latest French article written by Journalist Sonia Nigolian
Visit top read the latest Arabic article written by Journalist Kawsar Hanboury.
A full page in the "Cantos Cadre" magazine, Canada; Volume 2 - Fall 2003, for more information visit

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Log on to discover charming ceramic products. Each item is made with great care and hand painted.

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