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A masterpiece by Painter and Poet Joseph Matar is featured on a greeting card (20,000 printed cards) to promote the event in London "From Deir Yassin to the Wall" directed by acclaimed Arab Actor/Director Nadim Sawalha. This event on Sunday, April 4th at The Royal Geographical Society of London SW7, is the latest in a now annual commemoration of the Deir Yassin massacre of April 9th 1948. For more information visit

2 - invites you to enjoy a new flash introduction for the site, please log on to discover our beautiful Flash Intro!
LebanonArt is happy to update new painting executed by artist Joseph Matar. You can log on to to enjoy in a flash all the steps that artist Matar has carried out to complete one of his last masterpieces named "Bathers".

3 - Four artists have updated their artwork on
Click to see the work of Illustrators Heather J. Tait
Click to see the new work of Artist painter and poet Joseph Matar
Click to see new masterpieces created by Omar Onsi.
And finally you can visit to see new paintings by Lebanese painter Rachid Wehbeh.

4 - From now on you can access and vote for us. We have added a script voting from which gives you the chance to rate and help us always stay in the lead.

5 - New charming items have been added in
Please visit to see new ceramic decorative products.
Please visit to discover a charming book about Lebanon, "Lebanon Village of Heaven" with a free music CD illustrating the book. The book is written in seven languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Arabic, and has a very elegant, strong cover. Editors: Priest Mansour Labaky, Photographer: Mounir Nasr.

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