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- is proud to present a complete new section: Alpha and Omega!
Enter magnificent works of Art and Beauty... Feast your eyes and soul with the Apologia of Womanhood, a work of Master Joseph Matar which may cover more than 300 metres square!
Click here to enter the legend...!

- LebanonArt is happy to announce that in April 2004 artist Joseph Matar won the Award of the Lebanese University at a prestigious Beirut Unesco event; To review the award please click

- LebanonArt wishes to remind you that you can enjoy our new flash introduction located at


- New large-size of posters are listed in Please support us by ordering some of these posters so we be bale to add others in the future.

- We have added an Arabic version related to the charming book "Lebanon Village of Heaven". Please visit to enjoy the book.

3- leading site in its kind in the Middle East, has been expanded again with 2 new panoramic views: The first destination will take you in a boat to have a snap splendid view of the bay of Jounieh from the sea. Please click Mount Lebanon.
The second view takes you to visit the beau fort Castle in the South of Lebanon. Please click South of Lebanon.


Three artists have updated their artworks in

Click to see new works of Artist Francisca Balzaek
Click to see new portfolio of Lebanese Artist ZeinaEl Fakhri
Click to read in Arabic, previously unpublished text of famous poet Said Akl

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