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Dear Friends,


1- We wish to remind all our readers that the contest presented on LebanonArt.com is still online. We are sorry for postponing the final date of the contest to 21 August 2004 instead of 31 July 2004, on account of the Notary not being available before the new date. Please visit http://www.lebanonart.com/common/winthis2.htm

2- LebanonArt.com invites you to enjoy a new painting executed by artist Joseph Matar. You can log on to http://www.lebanonart.com/eng/whatsn.htm to enjoy in a flash all the steps that artist Matar has carried out to complete one of his latest masterpieces, named Communion

3- LebanonArt.com is proud to present updates of its sections! Please log on to these URLs to be able to see new works done by artist painter and poet Joseph Matar.

http://www.lebanonart.com/eng/watercg.htm - http://www.lebanonart.com/eng/watercg2.htm
http://www.lebanonart.com/eng/studies.htm - http://www.lebanonart.com/eng/studies2.htm


LebanonPanorama.com invites you to a new virtual tour... Log on the Mount Lebanon (blue part of the map) to locate the Barouk Cedars nature reserve an almost magical place...


New sections have been added. We present now new postcards and posters reproducing the works of the Lebanese photographer Carl Stephan, who captures aerial views of the Lebanese coastal zone!
to see those amazing Hi-quality views.


A new artist has been added to OneFineArt.com, Click http://onefineart.com/en/artists/nizark/ to read in Arabic a portfolio of poet writer Nizar Kabbani.

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William MATAR
Network site www.lebanonart.net

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