Dear Friends, invites you to a new virtual tour... Log on to Beirut Area (the red part of the map) to locate a new view of Beirut Parliament Square by night. The second view is located in North of Lebanon (Click the yellow part of the map) to locate The Monastery of Balamand with 360 degrees view.

LebanonArt is happy to present new updates of its sections! Please log on to these URLs to be able to see new works done by artist painter and poet Joseph Matar:

The result of the contest organized by (August 21, 2004) is online:

411 persons have answered the questions correctly.

1- Grace Nasralla from Lebanon has won the Print on canvas.
2- Viken Toramanian from France has won the large-size panoramic poster of Beirut.
3- Roula Kassab from Lebanon has won a Lebanese baseball cap.

New artists have updated their portfolios in
Click to see new portfolio of Lebanese Artist painter Chafic Aboud.
Click to read new poems of poet Hacene Rahmouni

A new section has been added to We present now a multimedia digital CD, Enjoy Lebanon, this CD will bring you a virtual tourist journey of Lebanon -

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