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- - presents a new section. From now on, you can see on separate pages: Artists of the Past. Please log on to visit our section. OneFineArt brings those pioneers who over the last 150 years, from 1850 to the present day, have followed the call of the great human adventure!

Several artists have updated their works in OneFineArt

Log on to see new works of Sundus Ibrahim
Log on to see new works of Olivier Toma
Log on to see new works of Francisca Blazquez
Log on to see new works of Rachel Goldstein
Log on to see new works of Jean Jabbour
Log on to see an Arabic portfolio of the Lebanese poet Maroun Abboud

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New Updates are now online:

Log on our Lithography section on to see new lithography .
Log on our Antiquity section to see new frames of our Phoenician Art reproduction:

New sections have been added:

Visit this page at to see our collection of dolls in traditional Lebanese costume.
Visit this page at to see a new book of Lebanon by photographer Munir Nasr: "Lebanon through the lens of Munir Nasr". It is not only a 2004 book on Lebanon; it's definitely a book with a new point of focus on Lebanon's outstanding views..!

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The Sacred art section in has been updated. You can log on at to see new paintings by artist and poet Joseph Matar.

An article has been published about Joseph Matar in "New York arts Magazine", New York, USA.

The works of Joseph Matar appear in the Images of Eyes Gallery - United States, please log on

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