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What is new on our sites?

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DiscoverLebanon presents two new panoramic views. Log on this page to be able to see panoramic views of the demonstrations for Independence which took place during the months of March, April and May.

We have also added new images of Lebanon in our Photos and E-cards category. Please review those sections: -

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A new section in has been added. Please log on to enjoy several small paintings done by Master Joseph Matar regarding First Communion.

New paintings have been added in under the section "Alpha & Omega Masterpiece". Complete the Legend and visit invites you to enjoy a new painting executed by artist Joseph Matar. You can log on to to enjoy in a flash all the steps that artist Matar carried out to complete one of his latest masterpieces named Hamlet

A new article has been published named "Figs from Lebanon - Searching for my origins and making good on a promise" by Dr. Hugo Franco. Please review this page

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Several new items have been added in

1- We present now two new Maps: One is related to Lebanon and the other one to Beirut the Capital. Enjoy searching these new fully colored maps, on which you can find a complete guide to Lebanon and Beirut. Visit

2- A new set of postcards is now available in our postcards section: view the page at

3- A new model of T-shirt has been added. It is located at this page:
At the same time LebanonPostcard presents a new small t-shirt from Lebanon with which you can decorate your car. Please visit:

4- Two new models of caps are added. Please review our section of caps at

5- A new set of wooden souvenirs has been added. Please visit this page:

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New artists have updated their profiles. Review the portfolio of photographer Jean-Pierre Matar at
At the same time you can see the new portfolio of the late artist Fouad Aouad, Visit

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