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Dear friends!

What is new on our sites?

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1- Two new panoramic virtual tours have been added to

Please review this page to see the charming lac located in the North of Lebanon named Oyoun El Samek.

Did you have the opportunity to visit the Mount Hermon at 2840 meters in the south of the Beqaa valley? invites you to visit the place… Log on to read and know about this magical, sacred and holy mountain "Mount Hermon" located in Lebanon.

2- At the same time is proud to announce that we have added several new pictures in our sections of Photos and E-cards from Lebanon. Log on here and to enjoy our sections.

3- We have added a weather forecast in; you can log on our site from now on to follow the latest changing in the Lebanese weather. Visit:

4- Finally we have added 2 new panoramic posters on paper related to the Jeita Grotto a wonder of nature in Lebanon… Visit and

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New artists are listed or have updated their profiles in

Click to see the sculptures of artist Zaven Hadichien.
Click to read the poems of Marie-Louise Helou.
Click to see the profile of Saudi Arabia painter Reem Nazir.
Click to see the paintings of Iraqi artist Nouri Ar Rawi.
Click to see the update of the profile of painter Joseph Bassil.
Click to see the update of the profile of artist Marie-Claude Kawak.
Click to read new articles written by writer and Poet Kenneth Mortimer.

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1- contest has ended ( )

231 persons have answered the questions correctly.

The Public Notary Mrs. Awatef Abi Akl drew the names of the three winners in the presence of the artist Joseph Matar and the website committee.
1- Amal Kamle' Gladin from United States has won the watercolor painting by artist and poet Joseph Matar and an account in to register for free and for one year an available domain name.
2- Habib Zogheib from Lebanon has won the book, "Beirut's Memory" by Ayman Trawi and an account in to register for free and for one year an available domain name.
3- Chantal Namour from Lebanon has won 3 panoramic posters to be chosen from collection and an account in to register for free and for one year an available domain name.

2- We offer now the painting "Cedar's revolution" as a print on canvas signed by the artist himself and which is numbered 1/100 of the original masterpiece. Please visit this section of LebanonArt to order the print:

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1- Lovely and nice postcards giving some great Lebanese cooking recipes have been added to to order now those unique postcards.

2- We have added also new reproduction of Lithography in Visit

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William MATAR

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