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Happy Ramadan and every blessing of the holy season!

What is new on our sites?

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Several new section and products have been added to our site:

1- A new book "Let me tell you a story" from the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon has been added.
At the same time a collection of the Children Greeting Cards is listed in our site.

2- We present new Ceramic souvenirs made and colored by hand representing common Lebanese food served on a plate. Please enjoy ordering from those items.

3- A new book Horizons of the Painter, done with the collaboration of Nicolas Sursock Museum, showing the complete collection of the paintings of Kahlil Gibran has been added in our site.

4- LebanonPostcard presents two books by the famous photographer Ayman Trawi, Beirut's Memory, La Mémoire de Beyrouth, and Lebanon Rebuilt, 10 Years of Achievement. Please visit this section to know more about the books.

5- The official original Lebanese flag has been added in our site with 2 differents sizes. To order Flags, kindly go to this page.

6- An elastic (plastic stretch material) New wrist band printed with the colors of the Lebanese flag and the cedar of Lebanon has been added in

7- LebanonPostcard offers now new collection of Metallic Magnet from Lebanon showing St Charbel, St Hardini, St Rafka, Virgin Mary Harissa, Jesus Christ and others... Please visit this section.

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We present now two new places in Lebanon to discover:

- The first place is Ehden Village, a charming village in the North of Lebanon, a place where you meet history and enjoy what is best in Lebanon.

- The second place you are invited to see is the Site of the statue of the Virgin Mary at Harissa, a holy sanctuary of our Lady of Lebanon where Christians and Muslims meets daily.

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New artists are listed or have had their profiles updated in

Visit to see the new profile of Artist sculptor Rodolphe Chamoun.
Visit to see the update of the profile of Artist sculptor Antoine Berberi.
Visit to see the new texts and poems added to the profile of Poet May Ziade.

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Two sections have been updated in

- Please visit the Artist's Palettes section to see and enjoy the new artworks mixing between the palettes and the paintings of artist Joseph Matar.

- At the same time we invite you to see the new single palettes painted by artist and poet Joseph Matar

William MATAR

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