Dear friends!

Happy End-of-year 2005, hoping that the New Year 2006 brings happiness and more peace to the world!

What is new on our sites?

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New postcards have been added in our site: Cadmus cards, a collection of peace cards selected from drawings done by Lebanese students.

2- New models of greeting cards have been added to our section of cards done by the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon.

3- A new section showing charming ceramic souvenirs representing common Lebanese food served on a plate, has been added.

4- A new section presenting colored reproductions of early and traditional paintings is now available in our site.

5- We have added new sets of Lebanese pins in the spirit of the 2005 Lebanese independence. Visit this section to order from those pins.

6- We have added several new photos in our section of early photographs of Lebanon. Visit the section to see photos dated from 1915 and 1920. You will for sure to discover amazing past photos of Lebanon you have never-seen before!

7- A new section showing two illustrated posters of the Lebanese war in extremely rich and humoristic detail.

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New artists are listed or have had their profiles updated in

Visit to see the new profile of Artist-painter Halim Jurdak.
Visit to see the new profile of Artist-sculptor Rudy Rahmé.
Visit to see the new profile of Artist-photographer Varoujan Setian.
Visit to see the new profile of Artist-sculpture Samih El Atar.
Visit to see the new profile of Artist-painter Michel Rouhana.
Visit to see the new profile of Artist-painter Jacqueline Jabre.
Visit to see the new profile of Artist-painter André Kalfayan.

Visit to see the updated profile of Artist-painter Victor Haddad.
Visit to see the updated profile of Artist-craftsman Samir Muller.

Visit to see a new article we have added in the profile of great sculptor Youssel El Howayek. Four new sculptures taken by well-known photographer Manoug Alémian are now listed in our site.

Visit to read a new article written by Dr. Emine Sonal about May Ziadé.

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1- A new press article about the artist painter and poet Joseph Matar has been added to our site. Visit the page to read the article of Spirit Magazine.

2- We would like to thank the team who welcomed two individuals of our sites, Artist Joseph Matar and Mr. William Matar, in a day-trip of photography in the Ehden and Zgharta region. Many thanks to the Zgharta team for writing an article related to our sites. You can read the article by logging at the page.

3- A new section in LebanonArt has been fully updated during the month of November. Visit the Sacred Art section to see new paintings done by artist master Joseph Matar.

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1- The winter season is here, has added two new regions in its weather forecast station. Please visit our section to follow up-to-date the Lebanese weather forecast.

2- We have added several new photos from Lebanon in our gallery of images in

3- We have added a new panoramic view showing the rustic and typically Lebanese town-square Al Midan in the village of Ehden. Visit the page to admire the panoramic view.

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