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What is new on our sites?

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A new book by Ayman Trawi is now displayed in The Grand Serail, in three languages: English, French and Arabic.

Charming decorative hand-painted modeled statuettes (pâte à sel) of Lebanese characters have been added in

LebanonPostcard presents a new collection of postage stamps from Lebanon.

The site presents Koulouna Lilwatan: A documentary which shows the background to the events and the realities which made 2005 an earthquake year of independence.

Lebanon through the lens of photographer Munir Nasr is now available in Spanish and German . If it's not a new book on Lebanon, it's definitely a book
with a new point of focus on Lebanon's outstanding views.

We also present in our site a new sections of art painting reproductions.

Log on to see the brilliant touch of Artist André Kalfayan, available in print on paper.

Log on to see the Rouhana artworks available on high quality watercolor paper with gauffrage signature. Mr Rouhana is known to be one of the best aquarellists in Lebanon.

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Visit to see the new profile of Artist Antoine El Hachem in our new section of Mosaic
Visit to see the new profile of Artist Galina Eydi
Visit to see the new profile of Poet and writer Nazik Al-Malaika
Visit to see the new profile of Sculptor Nabil Helou
Visit to see the update of the profile of Artist Elias Dib

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Discover Lebanon presents for this month two new places in Lebanon to explore through our site.

Visit the Keserwan region to see an amazing spot in the highest hills of Sanine
Visit the Saida region to discover Eshmoun with ancient ruins that bear witness to our glorious past.

New set of photos have been added in DiscoverLebanon photo section.

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The Spanish version of our LebanonArt website is nearly finished, we are still waiting to upload the last few poems of poet Joseph Matar which will be uploaded later...
At the same time we invite you to read in our section "Live the news through poems!" new poem titled: 5th of February – Black Sunday - A drama in three acts, with unity of time, place and action.

New art section of has been updated - Visit the available section to admire new paintings done by Artist Joseph Matar.

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