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For once, LebanonArt feels compelled to play its part in a humanitarian act. In short we are trying to support financially a family in great need and beg generous hearts to come to our aid. We appeal to any person interested in donating 10.00 USD: Click here for donation
For more information please contact William MATAR wjmatar @

ADD: We present a new division site of, Welcome to Assouk where you can learn how to prepare some Lebanese delicious recipes and plates

What is new in our sites?

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New products from Lebanon are now listed in our site:

--1-- LebanonPostcard presents an interesting and unique satellite capture of Lebanon on map, If you love Lebanon, log on now to order this image of Lebanon from space.

--2-- We have listed beautiful bas-relief sculptures in wood. Each wooden plate or half-log was hand-sculptured with great care.

--3-- Know your Horoscope with Astrolog Maguy Farah.

--4-- LebanonPostcard presents the DVD "Best of Lebanese Star Academy 1 - 2 - 3". It has been recognized as "the most beautiful display of Arab Talent".

--5-- Notre Dame University has launched a new series, the Murex Series, under the headline Lebanon by Lebanese authors.

--6-- New reproductions of traditional landscape watercolor by Artist Michel Rouhana are now available.

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--1-- New original artworks are indexed in our section 'One Direct Sale'.

--2-- New artists have been added or their profiles updated in

Visit to read the profile of painter Helen Khal
Visit to read an extract of the article about poet and philosopher Said Akl
Visit to read the profile of writer and philosopher Charles Malik

--3-- Visit to see updated profiles of Artists Michel Rouhana and Andre Kalfayan

--4-- New section is now available in - All Musicians of Arab world are welcome to contact us.

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--1-- The following sections have been updated:

Oil Paintings - Landscape - Oil Paintings - Palettes - Oil Paintings - Flowers - Oil Paintings - Artist's palettes

--2-- Joseph Matar has been mentioned in the "Dictionnaire 2007 - Larousse Diffusion".

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- Stay tuned! We are preparing to launch very soon a complete update of!

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