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What's new in our sites for the months of October/November 2007?

ADD: Please visit these two sites: and

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New products have been listed in and at the same time all our prices has been re-studied to offer more affordable prices for our clients.

--1-- LebanonPostcard presents stainless steel elegant pen leather-lined and marked with the Cedar of Lebanon. The pen is slim with ball point.

--2-- We are selling now Lebanese Thyme (Zaatar), a first-quality 100 percent natural thyme from the fields of Lebanon. Be sure that if you order once you will order twice and more... At the same time LebanonPostcard offers natural Sumac directly from the mountains of Lebanon.

--3-- We presents Lebanese Stickers 'I love Lebanon' and the 'flag of Lebanon' under the campaign launched by LebanonPostcard: Say "Hi 5 to Lebanon" - Say "I love Lebanon".

--4-- LebanonPostcard presents new beautiful table mats reproducing some great Lebanese destinations!

--5-- LebanonPostcard presents new set of postcards reproducing some great Lebanese destinations!

--6-- You can find now two unique Lebanese stamp catalogues.

--7-- We decided to present the bestselling book ''Georges Rayess Art of Lebanese Cooking''.

--8-- We present two DVDs from the Best of Bassem Feghali shows.

--9-- LebanonPostcard presents cloth badges printed with the colors of the Lebanese flag and the Cedar of Lebanon.

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New artists have been added in

Visit to see the new profile of artist Elie Kanaan.
Visit to see the new profile of artist Rami Sabour.
Visit to see the new profile of artist Nadia Saikali.
Visit to see the new profile of poet Yusuf Al Khal.
Visit to see the new profile of writer Richard of Éire.
Visit to see the new profile of musician Walid Gholmiyeh.
Visit to see the new profile of craftsmen Mohanad Ezzo.
Visit to see the new profile of illustrator Patrick Chappatte.

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--1-- You can now visit our site to follow what's happening in Lebanon regarding trips, hiking and eco-tourism events. all up-to-dated.

--2-- New panorama virtual tours inside Lebanon have been posted.

- Welcome to Batroun district, where you can visit the Msaylha citadel.
- After enjoying your time in Batroun you can visit the Fneydek forest located in the heart of Akkar. We have walked hours to reach an enchating spot in the Akkar area to let you to see beautiful places in Lebanon.

--3-- After long eco-tourism trips inside you are hungry and thirsty... we have prepared for you delicious new Lebanese recipes.

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Hurry up... Only a few days remain and the poll will end. Visit to vote for the Future President of Lebanon.

On 14.11.2007 the temporary result is as follow: Your next Lebanese President: 451 votes

Michel Aoun 54.1 % (244 votes)
Christian: 70.49% ; Shiite: 21.72% ; Sunni: 6.97% ; Druze: 0.82%

Michel Sleiman 4.2 % (19 votes)
Christian: 73.68% ; Shiite: 10.53% ; Sunni: 15.79% ; Druze: 0%

Amin Gemayel 5.5 % (25 votes)
Christian: 56.00% ; Shiite: 4.00% ; Sunni: 39.13% ; Druze: 0%

Boutros Harb 5.1 % (23 votes)
Christian: 60.87% ; Shiite: 0% ; Sunni: 39.13% ; Druze: 0%

Samir Geagea 24.4 % (110 votes)
Christian: 82.73% ; Shiite: 3.64% ; Sunni: 13.64% ; Druze: : 0%

Riad Salameh 1.6 % (7 votes)
Christian: 57.14% ; Shiite: 14.29% ; Sunni: 28.57% ; Druze: 0%

The Horse 5.1 % (23 votes)
Christian: 56.52% ; Shiite: 13.04% ; Sunni: 26.09% ; Druze: 4.35%

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--1-- Articles by Joseph Matar have been added to
- The Four-Footed Equine
- The Genius of our Phoenician Ancestors

--2-- New paintings of the masterpiece "Alpha and Omega" are now listed in LebanonArt:

- The Ninth Triad 25-26-27: The Baptism of Jesus
- The Tenth Triad 28-29-30: The Wedding at Cana
- The Eleventh Triad 31-32-33: The Meal with Levy

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