Dear friends!

What's new in our sites for the months of November/December 2007?

First let us wish for all Eid Adha Moubarak and Merry Christmas, hoping that the next New Year 2008 brings peace and prosperity for Lebanon!

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New products are now available in

1- The new 2008 calendars for desk and wall are now available.

2- We have added the bestselling book Maguy Farah Astrology and Horoscope for 2008.

3- You can find new decorative ceramic items for the kitchen.

4- An interesting book of author Lina Murr, Phoenician Baalbek, a visit to the Temples of the Roman Epoch is listed.

5- New panorama poster showing a stunning image of Beirut and the airport from Souk El Gharb is presented.

6- New art posters by artist Andre Kalfayan are added to the site.

7- We have as well added New Greeting Cards showing wonderful images of Lebanon.

8- We have added an additional Arabic version of the Book 'Lebanon through the Lens of Photographer Munir Nasr'

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1- Two new panorama views of 360 degrees showing interesting places in Lebanon have been added in the site:

You can visit the Roman Temple located in the village Yannouh.

- We invite you to discover Lake Bnechaai in Zgharta.

2- New photos from Lebanon have been added in our section of regular photos.

3- We selected a new set of images from Lebanon to be used as wallpapers for your computers.

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1- New artists have been added or their profiles updated in

Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of artist musician Marcel Khalife.
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of artist musician Walid Akl.
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of artist musician Melhem Barakat.
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of artist musician Gabriel Yared.
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of writer Béchara El Khoury.
Visit OneFineArt to read the new articles written by writer Kenneth Mortimer.

New interesting art articles related to the Middle East have been published online.

3- A new feature is presented in OneFineArt. Artists who wish to sell their artworks have the possibility of promoting their artworks from our index page, which has maximum exposure from our entire site.

4- New works are now presented in our section Art Direct Sale.

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- New Poll is now online. Visit and reply to the Poll question: Who is 2007's most prominent Lebanese politician? 1 vote is accepted per IP.
- From now on we shall add a new poll each month.

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We have added three new works by Artist Joseph Matar. Visit those pages to see the masterpieces: Painting, Picnic in Beshehlé - Painting, Esmeralda with playing-cards - Painting, Family reunion

2- At the same time two new articles written by Joseph Matar have been added:
- Give us this day, O Lord, our daily bread
- Facing Mysteries

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