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What's new in our sites for the months of April/May 2007?

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After months of work, the new is online! The decision to launch a new site reflects our renewed commitment to providing the best value with a fresh new look, feel, approach and many new sections...:

--1-- Enjoy surfing

- 5 new Tours of Lebanon have been listed: - ...Revolution follows its course... - Sit-in, the Lebanese detainees in Syria - Deir Nourriyeh, the Convent of Light - The Great Al-Omari Mosque - Beach Nature Reserve of Tyre

- New photos of Lebanon are now available in the photo gallery of the site; you can use our photos as well to send E-cards.
- Do you have a Lebanese site? You are welcome to list your site in the new directory of
- Do you appreciate the Lebanese Cuisine? Visit the section of Lebanese food recipes.
- With the new you can Chat with Lebanese and friends.
- Welcome to choose your wallpaper from Lebanon for your computer desktop and feel Lebanon always near your heart...
- Post your opinion in our main Lebanese discussion board.
- Enjoy and hear Lebanon through our live radio stations.

--2-- We wish to thanks all the persons who helped us to complete the site.

-- Special thanks go to Artist Joseph Matar, Priest Jean de Lalande, Mrs Marina Chemaly for their French editing and Mr Kenneth Mortimer for editing the English part of the site.
-- Warm thanks goes to Mr. Elie Chaer and Mr. Omar Chebaro for helping in adjusting the design and re-programming the site.

- We wish to thank as well the following persons for their contributions: Mr (s) Roy Naufal, Samir Tabet, Mohammed Sleiman. Thanks go also to Mr Jean-Pierre Matar for taking photographs and for helping us in editing the photos of the site and to Mr William Matar as owner and director of the site.

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Several interesting new products have been listed in

--1-- You can order now from Lebanon a diary notebook or a phone book embroided on cloth with the national colors and Cedar emblem.

--2-- We present the beautiful book Man’oushé - Inside the Street Corner Lebanese Bakery by author Barbara Abdeni Massaad.

--3-- A new model of Key-rings "I love Lebanon" is available; at the same time you can order the new cotton face towel "I love Lebanon" that we have added to the site.

--4-- Hand-woven velvety carpet rugs. Each carpet rug has been created with great care.

--5-- We present charming antique tube vintage radios. We own a large selection of old-time radios, televisions sets and related antique items for collectors.

--6-- Oriental handcrafted cloth-and-metal pendants embroided with the National colors and the map of Lebanon.

--7-- The new SolSuno Clock for wall is now available.

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--1-- Artist and poet Joseph Matar has written a new poem titled Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 in French: Ce Mardi 23 Janvier 07

--2-- A new series of paintings has been added to the section "The History of a Period" in French: Histoire d’une période.

--3-- New paintings have been added to the section Sacred Oil paintings by artist painter Joseph Matar

--4-- An Arabic article about artist Joseph Matar has been added.

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New artists have been added or updated their profile in

Visit to see the new profile of painter Sally Khoury
Visit to see the new profile of painter Amine el Bacha
Visit to see the update of the profile of painter Joseph Faloughi
Visit to see the new profile of past musician Zaki Nassif

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