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What's new in our sites for the months of January/February 2008?

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- 1 - You can now check many new profiles or other updated in

Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of historian Jawad Boulos.
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of musician Abdel Rahman El Basha.
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of photographer Fred Maroon.
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of amazing Dr. Dahesh personality.
Visit OneFineArt to see the updated works of artist Victor Haddad.
Visit OneFineArt to see the updated works of artist Andre Kalfayan.
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of artist Nabil Nahas.
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of artist Miriam Ghubril.
Visit OneFineArt to read the new articles written by writer Kenneth Mortimer.

- 2 - At the same time we have added new artworks available for sale in our section Art Direct Sale and more articles related to art in the Middle-East are published online in the site.

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- 1 - New articles written by Joseph Matar are now presented:

Byblos, More ancient thou than Sumer, more radiant thou than Babylon, more glorious than Jerusalem.

And the same article in French:
Byblos, plus ancienne que Sumer, plus éclatante que Babylone, plus glorieuse que Jérusalem...

- 2 - We have listed an old article dated 1977 written by Joseph Sokhn. The article can be read only in French under the theme 'Couleurs libanaises'.

- 3 - A new poem in three languages is now published in LebanonArt as a memorial of François el Hajj - In French - In Arabic

- 4 - New artworks are now presented in

Arches and Palm at Amchit - Age-old Heritage of Beshehleh - Linda - Glorious Victory in Bared - Homage to François el Hajj

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- 1 - Three virtual panorama photos of Lebanon taken on 2008 are presented:

You can visit now the Grand Serail of Beirut, and we invite you as well to make a tour in the old harbor of Byblos. Finishing off your visit of the Lebanese cost we can fly directly to the Beqaa valley, A free entry is available for you to discover the beautiful monuments of Niha.

- 2 - New live broadcasting radios from Lebanon have been added to our site.

- 3 - Delicious new Lebanese food recipes have been added in the site. Check as well the second site 'Assouk recipes' to discover more food preparation

- 4 - We have added back our 2005 introduction movie presentation of Lebanon, We are however preparing a new presentation of Lebanon... hoping it will be soon online.

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New products are now available in

- 1 - LebanonPostcard presents new sepia posters reproducing some great lebanese destinations!

- 2 - We present six printed frosted shooter glasses with sprayed bottom.

- 3 - Zawarib Beirut, a Great Beirut Atlas and an interesting book of 235 pages showing Beirut in great detail is now available.

- 4 - Two new large-size panoramic posters from Lebanon: You can see the new 2008 photos showing the Bay of Jounieh and another photo showing the old Harbor of Byblos.

- 5 - LebanonPostcard presents beautiful new models of Lebanese baseball caps with the national colors and Cedar emblem.

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- New Poll is now online. Visit and reply to the Poll question: Are you planning to leave Lebanon soon? 1 vote is accepted per IP.
- From now on we shall add new polls each month.

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