Dear friends! Ramadan Karim for all!

What's new in our sites for the months of September/October 2007?

ADD: Buy Thyme, Summak and Sesame Seeds from Lebanon at

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The voting for the Future President of Lebanon is still open. We invite you all to express your opinion... and invite your friends to do the same… still a few days before closing the voting... so don't waste your time and go immediately visiting the site and voting.

On 9.23.2007 the temporary result is as follow: Your next Lebanese President: 276 votes

Michel Aoun 55.4 % (153 votes)
Christian: 70.59% ; Chiite: 22.22% ; Sunni: 6.54% ; Durzi: 0.65%

Michel Sleiman 1.1 % (3 votes)
Christian: 66.67% ; Chiite: 0% ; Sunni: 33.33% ; Durzi: 0%

Amin Gemayel 5.4 % (15 votes)
Christian: 53.33% ; Chiite: 6.67% ; Sunni: 26.67% ; Durzi: 13.33%

Boutros Harb 4.0 % (11 votes)
Christian: 54.55% ; Chiite: 0% ; Sunni: 45.45% ; Durzi: 0%

Samir Geagea 29.0 % (80 votes)
Christian: 85.00% ; Chiite: 1.25% ; Sunni: 13.75% ; Durzi: 0%

Riad Salameh 1.1 % (3 votes)
Christian: 100.00% ; Chiite: 0% ; Sunni: 0% ; Durzi: 0%

The Horse 4.0 % (11 votes)
Christian: 54.55% ; Chiite: 9.09% ; Sunni: 27.27% ; Durzi: 9.09%

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New sections are now online:

--1-- New virtual panoramic tours of Lebanon have been added in DiscoverLebanon:
Discover the Saifi Village in heart of Beirut, fields of olive trees in Koura and the Monastery of the Citadel in Beit mery (Deir El Qalaa).

--2-- You can from now on book for hotels in Lebanon and also for other hotels across the world. Check our free tool that searches multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously to help you find the lowest rate instantly for Lebanese and international hotels.

--3-- If you didn't yet create your account please do so by registering in our Lebanese white pages.

--4-- New beautiful high-resolution images from Lebanon for your computer desktop are now to be found in our site, and at the same time more photos and e-cards from Lebanon have been added in our section of photos from Lebanon.

--5-- New radio stations have been added to our Discover Lebanon Radio.

--6-- New large posters from Lebanon have been added in the site.

--7-- New recipes of Lebanese delicious cuisine have been added.

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New artists have been added in

Artists illustrator Stavro Jabro and writer Mourane have updated their profiles.

Visit to see the new profile of artist Lotti Adaimi.
Visit to see the new profile of artist Salam al Rassi.
Visit to see the new profile of artist Hussein Madi.

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Interesting new products have been listed in

--1-- LebanonPostcard presents beautiful Lebanese keyring models in stainless steel.

--2-- Wooden mosaic rectangular boxes have been added in LebanonPostcard.

--3-- Capacious woven pockets for kitchen walls and for oriental decoration have been added in the site.

--4-- You can find now new postage stamps from Lebanon.

--5-- Two DVDs from the Best of Bassem Feghali comic shows are now listed in the site.

--6-- We added finally crafted reproductions of Phoenician statuettes.

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New poem, Martyrs of the Army written by Joseph Matar has been added to the site. It can be read in English, French and Arabic.

--2-- A new section in French is open in Essay creative writing by Joseph Matar.

--3-- The oil painting section 'History of a Nation' is updated.

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