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ADD: Welcome to Assouk, where you can learn how to prepare some new delicious Lebanese recipes and dishes.

What is new in our sites? We transferred all our sites to a new hosting service, so we urge you to inform us while surfing our sites if you notice any broken pages. However, one of our friends will surf the entire sites to be sure of page display.

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--1-- New artworks are now being shown in our section 'One Direct Sale'.

--2-- New artists have added their profiles in

Visit to read the profile of painter Faeq Hassan.
Visit to read the profile of painter Abdul Qadir al Rassam.
Visit to read the profile of painter Maroun Tomb.
Visit to read the profile of painter Ghada Kazan Abboud.
Visit to read the profile of photographer Yousuf Karsh.
Visit to read the profile of photographer Raymond Yazbeck.
Visit to read the profile of poet and writer Naim Yazbek.
Visit to read the profile of poet, writer and philosopher Mourane.
Visit to read new poems in Arabic by poet Atef Mahmoud.

--3-- Visit and log on to the art articles section to read new articles about Art of Middle East region in English, French and Arabic - Here you can read in Arabic an article about by journalist Ahmad Bazoun

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New products from Lebanon are now listed in our site:

--1-- For Lebanon, forever and ever, LebanonPostcard presents the book: 'Lebanon - Memories of a moment'.

--2-- We create a statuette in wood showing a Lebanese peasant hand-carved in relief in 3d form.

--3-- Through the lense of Raymond Yazbeck, discover and highlight what has remained of Lebanon's splendor: A book itself a masterpiece to discover page after page: "Heritage wealth: The Stone"

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--1-- This section of has been updated - Visit the Boat section to admire new paintings done by Artist Joseph Matar.

--2-- A new section 'Mary Magdalen, Saint of Lebanon' has been created, Visit this section to discover paintings of Mary Magdalen accompanied by poem by artist Joseph Matar (Poem translated by Mr. Kenneth Mortimer). Marie… la Madeleine – Sainte du Liban (Poem in French)

--3-- The Artist Joseph Matar is exhibiting in Manila, Philippines, under the theme “Through the Palette’s Eye”, in an exhibition of paintings on palettes by Filipino artists and Joseph Matar from Lebanon, on March 23, till May 7, 2007.

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- Stay tuned! We are preparing to launch very soon a complete update of!

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