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What's new in our sites for the months of July/August 2007?

ADD: Support Astuha - Association of Tutors of Handicapped. A non-profit organization that depends upon financial contributions to operate.

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Visit our new site to Challenge your friends... and vote for the Future President of Lebanon!
Who may be elected president of Lebanon? Only Challenge Rabbit has the answer!!

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New sections are now online:

--1-- Welcome to Discover Lebanon White Pages!
Create now your account in our free white pages, search to access updated members, phones and address information...

--2-- You can be up-to-date with the Lebanese news by following our news reports and articles.

--3-- New wallpapers from Lebanon for your computers are now to be found in

--4-- New Virtual tours have been added.
You can now visit the Mashnaqa Roman Temple; you can also make a tour and visit the Village of Yammouneh in the Beqaa Valley.

--5-- New online radios have been listed in the Discover Lebanon radio stations.

--6-- New photos from Lebanon have been added in our section of photos from Lebanon.

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--1-- LebanonArt Contest has ended. 287 persons have answered the questions correctly.
The website committee drew the names of the three winners.
Amal Eid, Walid Mina and Samar Rahmé have won three wood-and-leather boxes in ancient style with the cotton face-towels embroided "I love Lebanon" from LebanonPostcard.

--2-- Several sections of oil paintings by artist painter and poet Joseph Matar have been updated:
Paintings of portraits, Still Life, paintings showing boats and the section of available artworks for sale.

--3-- You can log on to enjoy in a flash every step of artist Matar in executing his paintings.

--4-- Two new poems written by artist Matar have been listed in LebanonArt.

--5-- Finally an article has been added. We thank Al Halamia Magazine, who wrote about our sites.

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--1-- New artists have been added in

Visit to see the new profile of artist Flavia Codsi.
Visit to see the new profile of writer Fawzi Assaker.
Visit to see the new profile of artist Odile Mazloum.
Visit to see the new profile of artist Hassan Jouni.
Visit to see the new profile of artist Riad Mohammed Hussein.

Artists Marie-Claude Kawak and Jean Lahoud have updated their profile. Please check the new works.

--2-- Visit the art section to read new articles about Art of Middle East region in English, French and Arabic.

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Interesting new products have been listed in

--1-- We invite visitors to contact us, we can provide any Lebanese music, from traditional music to contemporary songs.
We have in our collection thousands of CDs and DVDs from the traditional music to the latest Lebanese hits.

--2-- LebanonPostcard presents new beautiful decorative framed reproductions of masterpieces of Gibran Khalil Gibran (Kahlil Gibran)

--3-- Two new books written by Lebanese authors have been listed in
- William Blake and Kahlil Gibran by George Nicolas El-Hage
- Lebanese Truth by Omar Fakhoury

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